The choir after singing at St. John The Baptist Church Cardiff

Our diary 2023 

Saturday 30th September 
Harmonies for Hope - St. Martin's Church Epsom
Sunday 3rd December 
Light up a Life - Commemorative carol service at St Raphael’s Hospice Cheam
Tuesday 5th December 
Celebrate a Life - Royal Marsden Hospital Sutton
Saturday 9th December 
Annual Dinner Dance at Tyrrell’s Wood

Our Diary 2024

Wednesday 1st May
Concert at Banstead Festival
Sunday 19th May
Annual Concert at Epsom Playhouse

Moments of relaxation after our triumph at the Woking Music Festival. Each performance was graded on a scale which is set by BIFF, the British and International Federation of Festivals for Music, Dance and Speech. The adjudicator gave us a distinction and described our performance as excellent both technically and artistically. For this we won the Radborn Cup.