The Choir at their annual concert at the Epsom Playhouse, May 2019


Upcoming EMVC events

We now have the following choir events to look forward to:

Come and SingWe are planning another recruitment evening – a little earlier this year on Wednesday 18th September.

A Choir Concert is confirmed for 8pm on Saturday 19th October at the URC Church in Banstead.

A Choir competition in Woking for Tuesday evening - 12th November from about 8pm. The event has yet to be confirmed by the Committee and would be a lower key event than our last competition. But it would be another good opportunity to fine tune our concert performances, which was a real benefit that many members advised they felt following our “Poole experience”.

There is also a conversation taking place to promote a joint mini - Concert with the Leatherhead Choral Society. Nothing too formal and just for Members and friends and we’ll obviously keep you advised if this goes ahead.

Rehearsal for the annual concert, May 2019

A welcome drink after the concert