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Epsom Male Voice Choir has been singing together since 1983 and today is one of the leading men's choirs in the South East, drawing members from a large area.

More about our history...

Our repertoire is wide, and includes contemporary compositions and arrangements (many written specially for us), music from around the world, pop, folk and musical theatre, as well as the traditional Male Voice Choir repertoire.

We have sung at a wide range of venues including the Albert Hall, the Royal Festival Hall, Truro Cathedral, Dorking Halls, Fairfield Halls, Epsom Playhouse and many local halls, churches and others.

Rehearsals are held in the United Reformed Church Hall, London Road, Ewell, Surrey on Wednesday evenings at 8.00 pm.

New members are always welcome. No prior experience or knowledge of music is required - just enthusiasm and a willingness to learn to sing with others.

Link to how to join 

Covid Update for Members

Ventilation: how can it help manage the risk of Covid transmission? (online event)19/11/2021

 Bernard Marley  attended and reported on this Webinar - as hosted by Making Music.

 It was was presented in three sections:

 *   The Physics of air flow and ventilation. Colin Avon

 *   Medical aspects regarding impacts on singing. Dr Jackie Carnell

 *   Sociological aspects of distancing / singing. Professor Robert Dingwall

 The general points picked out from all three speakers were as follows:

 Technical matters:

 *   To fully ventilate a typical church or church hall it is recommended that the air is fully changed 4-6 times per hour. (This rate is the same as that used in Supermarkets with a subsequent low level of Covid infection - in modern stores that have been closely monitored using mechanical ventilation.)

*   Although modern ventilation methods are not readily available in an old church / church hall, a single window opened at either end of a hall would be sufficient to create the desired air exchange. Delegates described the method as a trickling ventilation.

*   If you are all cold with the windows / doors wide open according to Colin Avon, "there is too much ventilation" - there should only be a minor reduction in temperature in the hall.

*   The heating can and should be on in the hall - as this creates the heat differential which promotes the airflow.

*   Despite a lot of recent discussion on the use of CO2 monitors to monitor the freshness of the air within a hall, the CO2 results are not reliable enough for CO2 monitors to have any practical value. (You can't sample enough places in the hall frequently enough to get a meaningful result.

*   Similarly, air filters that are being sold on Amazon and the like are virtually useless, as they simply can't handle the amount of air in the time given.

*   More importantly - from the estimates given by Colin, for a typical church hall with a high ceiling  (20m by 15m by 10m high) the available air would be fresh enough to last 40 hours for 50 people.

*   The computer models used in the media - to describe the direction and flow of air as we breathe out, are somewhat false - as they were based on experiments using stylized robotic pumps rather than actual human beings. The models all suggest we breathe out horizontally whereas when we breathe, the hot breath will immediately rise.

*   The positioning of choir singers one behind each other reduced the impact of a direct intake of air from a singer who is stood behind you.

 Health and Social aspects:

 *   At some point we have to accept that our strategy will become one of how to live with Covid. What are the Risks of contracting the disease versus the impact on the social / mental problems of continued isolation. What is a tolerable risk?

*   The medical profession is anticipating a massive increase in all respiratory diseases this winter due to last year's lull in flu and colds. We should be telling all choir members with any type of Infectious respiratory disease not to attend if they have any new symptoms (Flu, colds and Covid).

*   Car sharing could be a bigger issue for some choir members than being at the rehearsal

*   Road accidents on the way to and from rehearsals - will return to being the biggest risk for choir members.

*   All choirs should promote an active and ongoing discussion on the above health and social aspects.


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Musical Director Ian Assersohn                                      Accompanist Lynda Chang                     


Our diary 2022

Saturday 21st May Epsom Playhouse concert at 7.30pm

Tuesday 21st June Bourne Hall 

Saturday 25th June Barrie Parker memorial

Wednesday 13th July Headley Parish Church, Box Hill 

Friday 23rd September St. Barnabas church Epsom

Saturday 12th November Charity fundraiser St Peter and St Paul church Godalming 

Saturday 10th December Annual Dinner and Dance at Tyrrells Wood Golf Course

More event details...