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If You Are Interested in Joining the Choir

We are always keen to attract new members.  Some who love choral music and might fancy singing don't take the first step of joining a choir because they assume that an ability to read music or previous experience are prerequisites. 

In reality, our approach  is designed explicitly for those with no prior musical training or experience.  Sheet music is provided, but the key learning support is practice music on CD or computer file to work with whilst learning the words for each piece.

To find out for yourself, please come along to any of our rehearsal evenings at Ewell United Reformed Church Hall (London Road, Ewell, Surrey on Wednesday evenings at 7.45 for 8.00 pm - click HERE for a map). 

If you call our Secretary, Paul Walker, beforehand (01372 289162) or email him on secretary@epsommalevoicechoir.org.uk he will make sure that you are expected and that a set of music for the evening's activity is available for you.

More information in detail can be found HERE. If, after trying out with the Choir, you decide to join us, you should complete the Registration Form HERE and give or email it to the Secretary.

Rehearsals are friendly and mutually supportive occasions.  Whilst we take pride in our performances, we join the Choir also for its social and community side.  We have an active social calendar with something to suit all members and their partners.

The aim is to develop close friendships to bond the choir together.   Activities include bowls, golf, quizzes, garden party, and a  dinner/dance.   Many members meet after Wednesday evening rehearsals in the Eight Bells pub in Ewell where they can be heard bursting into song if the mood takes them. 

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